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To find out what a thing is called is a great help. It is the beginning of knowledge. It is the first step. When we see a new person who interests us, we wish to know his or her name. A bird, a flower, a place- the first thing we wish to know about it is it's name. It's name gives us a handle to grasp it by; it sheds a ray of light where all before was darkness. As soon as we know the name of a thing, we seem to have established some sort of relationship with it.

From The Complete Nature Writings of John Burroughs
Published 1894
Acorn WoodpeckerAllen's HummingbirdAmerican AvocetAmerican GoldfinchAmerican RobinAmerican Tree SparrowAmerican White PelicanAnhingaAudubon's WarblerBald EagleBald Eagle-JuvenileBaltimore OrioleBaltimore Oriole-1st SpringBaltimore Oriole-Juvenile FemaleBarn OwlBarn SwallowBelted KingfisherBlack OystercatcherBlack PhoebeBlack Skimmer