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Gary Rinaldi
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" It is important for parents to continue to live their own lives. We can't sit by and say we've already made our

own decisions, done our striving, and dish out opinions on the doings of our children.

Words alone lack authority, and we risk making them surrogates for the life we'd like to lead.

We can better relate to the budding aspirations of our children if we follow dreams of our own. "

                                                                                                     David Miller - Appalachian Trail thruhiker

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Markham 2018


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Joni Pachut(non-registered)
The photography is amazing. I am so glad to have found your site and I will be revisiting from time to time, just to see the progression. There are so many different categories you have already covered. Just such bright and happy moments bringing a smile to my face. I will love encluding them on my wall as our family grows. Thank you.
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