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In 1972, a group of concerned citizens created Tifft Nature Preserve transforming an urban industrial site into a nature preserve. Tifft offers 264 acres of lakes and ponds, cattail marshes and woodlands interconnected by foot trails and boardwalks.
A city resource just two miles south of downtown Buffalo, Tifft harbors the last surviving remnants of the Buffalo River delta lands and is home to a startling variety of wildlife.
Tifft serves a broad spectrum of the local community and attracts both out-of-state and international visitors. However, this unique community is continually threatened due to a lack of public funds.
To make sure Tifft survives today and for future generations, concerned citizens are coming together again - this time to form a non-profit organization known as " Friends of Tifft"
For more information email : tifftfriends@yahoo.com
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